How The Amazing Idea For Best Home Based Internet Business Online Came To Me

It is very important that you fully understand exactly how you brain works in order to start thinking up ideas this short article points you in the right business ideas frame of mind. Uncover The Secret That Quickly Empowers YOU To Easily Come Up With As Many Successful Business Ideas As You Like.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

It amazes me really.

So many people say “I had an idea the other day…”.

But when you ask them WHY they had the idea, they can’t tell you!

Sure they can tell you what the idea does and how it works etc but the one thing they can’t tell you is why they had the idea.

There’s a very good reason for this.

Our minds work so rapidly that we don’t notice the why, we only notice the idea.

So we think that ideas just come from nowhere.

As if from God… or from some collective pool of consciousness.

The fact is, all your ideas come from your own brain.

So… the first thing we can gather from that fact is that ideas have… wait for it…


All ideas have a reason. A why. But the uninitiated don’t notice the why.

This is great news! GREAT NEWS!


Because this means that all we need to come up with an idea is a reason!

We don’t need to wait until God smiles on us… or tap into some collective consciousness… or give up because we don’t know where they come from…

We can just find a reason for an idea and then we WILL have the idea.

I will discuss this in more detail as we go through the course.

But I’m sure you can see after just one page that things are starting to open up dramatically!

Remember, all you need is a reason…

Why Do You Need Ideas?

This goes back a long way.

You see, human beings are the only species that are adaptable to any environment.

We CAN live in polar ice caps, tropical rainforests and even deserts!

We CAN, but mostly we live in the more pleasant environments.

The reason we can do this and other animals can’t is because we are able to have… ideas.

Ideas that enable us to survive in these unpleasant environments… if we need to.

Animals don’t have ideas. They act automatically. If their environment changes, they don’t adapt and in severe cases they die off.

So… this means, unfortunately, as humans we are REQUIRED to have ideas to survive.

And also thankfully, we are WIRED to have ideas.

Millions of years of evolution has made certain of those facts.

You need ideas to survive.

But you can also use ideas to prosper, not just to survive.

A great thing about life is you are rewarded both internally and externally for doing things that further your life.

If you’re hungry, and find food, you are rewarded with the internal feeling of pleasure and the external reward of having enough energy to work or play or whatever.

If you’re thirsty, and find water, you’re rewarded with the internal feeling of pleasure and the external reward of well… vitality and life!

If you use your brain to think up ideas that make you a lot of money, you’re rewarded internally with huge self esteem and the feeling of achievement and externally with the  reward of being wealthy and all that comes with it.

So it’s definitely NOT just about the money.

For some people it is, I know.

But those people will never get that internal reward because they rely on the brains of others to bring them the money. More about that later.

Trust me. The internal rewards are ALWAYS 10 times better than the external rewards.

So use your brain how it was meant to be used… to THINK OF IDEAS!